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Newfoundland and Labrador. Journey to the Edge of the Earth.

Newfoundland and Labrador is a bit of a mystery. Is it two places or one? The mainland of Newfoundland is full of gorgeous wildlife, mountains, and majesty, where the island of Labrador gives over to untamed, unspoiled beauty, calling to the wildness in all of us. Then, of course, there’s the strait that couples the two, an adventure in its own right, abounding with icebergs and whales and rough water begging to be explored. However you count the places, the possibilities awaiting you in Newfoundland and Labrador are impossible to number.


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Adventures on the Water
The province practically insists on visitors taking a nautical adventure – to get from Newfoundland to Labrador, you’ll have to cross the Strait of Belle Isle. Take a... more

Adventures in the Snow
That low rumble you hear in the Newfoundland and Labrador woods every winter isn’t a bear; it’s a snowmobile. The province loves its high-powered snow... more

Adventures on Land
In olden days, people used to go to the seaside to “take the air,” knowing a lungful of good, clean sea air is good for the health. We’re sure about the fresh, bracing air...  more
 Adventure for the Family
If your family loves the outdoors, they’ll be spoiled for sights in Newfoundland and Labrador. Sea animals abound, with the huge population of whales just part of... more